Faroe Marine Products
Faroe Marine Products is a 100% Faroese company. We are basing our production on dried fish products for human consumption. We are drying both heads and backbones of mostly cod, haddock, saithe, ling, and tusk. We are getting our raw material from the fish factories in the Faroe Islands.
Our services
Everyting for human consumptoion
Our vision is that as much as possible of the fish that is fished around the Faroe Islands is being used for Human consumption. The term "Everything for human consumption" is a goal that we are working on along with the Faroese Government.
Green energy
We wish that the energy that we are using is as clean as possible. We are located next to the Faroese intermunicipal waste and recycling company and this has provided us with the opportunity to buy the heat that is left which they should otherwise use more more energy too cool down. But unfortunately they can not deliver all the energy we need. There we are also need to buy waste oil which has been treated.
Faroe Marine Products
Sustainable Development Goals
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